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Condor F-238 200 kHz

Condor 242dc 83/200kHz

Condor 245df 50/200 kHz

Condor 320 200 kHz

Condor 322dc 83/200 kHz

Condor 325df 50/200 kHz


Condor 340c 200 kHz

Condor 345c df 50/200 kHz

Condor 342c dc


Condor 242dc Portable


Condor 250 Wi

Condor 260 Bait


All accessories for Condor

High resolution with 320 vertical pixels, Dual Cone technology and the convenience of a windows menu system in this incredible value fishfinder!

 Condor 322 dc

The new Condor 322 dc incorporates the very latest in fishfinder technology in a compact unit all at an extremely affordable price. Thanks to the special transom mount DualCone 83/200 kHz transducer this unit provides a very detailed description of what lies beneath the surface. Two different type of fish icons are be displayed on the screen, depending on the frequency of the relative echo. Echoes coming from the narrow 20° cone, correspond to the 200 kHz frequency and are shown in white, while the ones coming from the wide 60° cone, correspond to the 83 kHz frequency and are shown in black. This allows the user to distinguish echoes coming from fish located right below the boat from those coming from fish located further away. When searching the actual cone angle can be as much as 120°, making the Condor 322 dc a top performing fish searcher.

The large, high resolution 5” LCD screen of the Condor 322 dc, with its 320 x 240 pixels and 16 levels of gray, provides perfect visibility in any light condition, even in sunlight or when wearing polarized sunglasses. The white LED backlighting is dimmable and gives great clarity when used at night.

The windows menu system guides the user through all the advanced functions of the Condor 322 dc, making using this unit very simple and intuitive. Thanks to the combination of the “Oval Pad” on the top and the six keys on the bottom, all functions can be easily accessed though a simple self explanatory menu system, that enables the user to become familiar with operating the unit in only few minutes.

The convenient “+” and “-” direct access keys, allow the user to exit the automatic mode instantly and adjust the range manually, with the touch of a single key. In the same way, it is possible to return to automatic mode by simply pressing the “+” and “-” keys together.

The dual cone 83/200 kHz transom mount transducer of the Condor 322 dc supplied with the unit has a built in surface water temperature sensor. It provides excellent performance even at boating speeds, as high as 40 knots.

Single plug connector for both power and transducer enables installation and removal of the Condor 322 dc in a matter of seconds, while the compact IPX7 waterproof housing makes it perfectly suitable for use in marine environments

Dual Cone technology: a detailed view with a wide coverage area

• The precision of the 20° cone beam provideshigh accuracy returns allowing a detailed view of fish, structure and bottom profile
• The broad 60° cone beam provides wide search area for fish and bait fish

The 60° cone beam providesa circle covera gewhose diameteris equal to 1.15 timesyour depth.

The convenient direct access “-” and “+” range keys, allow you the quick manual selection of the appropriate range. Pressing both “-” and “+” keys at the same time the unit will instantly return to the automatice range mode.


Large, high resolution, black and white 5” LCD screen,provides perfect visibility even with polarized sunglasses
• High resolution 320 x 240 pixel with 16 gray levels
• DualCone exclusive technology, for the widest coverage in fish searching
• Dual frequency 83/200 kHz operation
• Output power: 2400W peak (300W RMS)
• Depth capability of over 800 ft (240 m)*
• Sophisticated Fish ID recognition software with the digital readout of the depth above fish symbols
• Big digital depth, temperature and voltage readouts


Dual function Shadeline, that gives relevant information about the nature of the bottom
• Adjustable chart speed
• Multiple level zoom function, to enlarge the image to any scale
• Keel offset function, for precision depth readouts
• Image of instantaneous echo in column
• Automatic range feature with direct control and instant switching to manual
• Alarms: shallow water, fish and low battery
• Hydrodynamic transom mount 83/200 kHz DualCone transducer with cone angles of 20°/ 60° @ -10dB (90°/ 120° for fish searching), with built in temp probe, 20’ cable (6m), suitable for high boating speed


Memory that keeps all the settings, even when the unit is switched off
• High intensity, dimmable backlighting for night use
• TGC control with high sensitivity receiver, for outstanding depth performance
• Multilingual menu system, with 21 languages:
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Greek, etc.
• Dimensions: 6.3” x 6.3” x 2.6” (160 x 160 x 65 mm)


* Note: Typically, all fishfinders will read deeper in freshwater than in saltwater. The actual depth capability is affected by: 1) Trasducer installation, 2) Salinity, 3) Plankton.
In saltwater, zooplankton and air bubbles are the two most important factors, and change from day to day. Also “muck”, caused from decayed vegetation, and that can be 1 - 2 feet deep, affects all fishfinders performance


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