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Condor F-238 200 kHz

Condor 242dc 83/200kHz

Condor 245df 50/200 kHz

Condor 320 200 kHz

Condor 322dc 83/200 kHz

Condor 325df 50/200 kHz


Condor 340c 200 kHz

Condor 345c df 50/200 kHz

Condor 342c dc


Condor 242dc Portable


Condor 250 Wi

Condor 260 Bait


All accessories for Condor

A sophisticated wireless fishfinder for Bait Boats with a radio range of over 300 meters!

 Condor 260 Bait
Wireless Bait Boat Fishfinder

The new Condor 260 Bait boat fishfinder satisfies the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding carp fisherman. Specifically designed for use with bait boats the Condor 260 Bait now enables the carp angler to use his bait boat to map out the lakes in which they are fishing and to find all the hot spots. The radio unit contained within the unit is very powerful giving a radio range of up to 300 meters radius.

Operation of the Condor 260 Bait is extremely simple, thanks to its intuitive four tab menu (which can be set in 16 languages!) Each one of the four windows lists the many features offered by this sophisticated unit which can be easily selected using the up and down arrows. Once set the options are memorized even when the unit is switched off saving time when setting up for the next fishing session.

The sonar unit installed on board the bait boat is powered by the bait boat’s own battery unit and in turn is connected to the transducer which is automatically activated once in contact with water. The sender unit not only relays data from the Fishfinder but also the battery condition of the bait boat which is also shown on screen enabling the fisherman to monitor the level of the battery charge when reading the other data on the screen.

The comprehensive identification software of the Condor 260 Bait not only displays all suspended targets on screen as fish icons but also shows a digital depth indication above each one. This feature can be disabled at any time in order to show the actual echo returns as they are received by the transducer.

The waterproof base unit holds the 8 AA size batteries which give many hours operation. The display folds down inside the unit protecting it from accidental damage and making it more compact when carried by the integral handle.

The high resolution LCD screen with 240 vertical pixels, provides very crisp images from any angle, and is easily read in all light conditions, even in sunlight or when wearing polarized sunglasses.  The white LED backlighting is dimmable and allows the unit to be used in low light conditions or during night use.

The unit can be conveniently folded into the battery box, for carrying it more easily

The wireless module comes complete with all the accessories: antenna extension cable, battery holder, power cable and sealed 115 kHz transducer


Wireless module with wide beam 115 kHz transducer
• Depth capability: 2 ~ 100 ft (0.6 ~ 30m)
• Wireless operating range: max 1000 ft (300m)
• Sonar beam angle: 80deg @-10db
• Water temperature sensor included in the transducer
• Radio frequency: 433.9 MHz
• Alarms: shallow water, fish, low battery
• Monitoring and real-time display of the bait boat battery voltage
• Large, high contrast, 4.3” triple supertwist LCD screen,provides perfect visibility even with polarized sunglasses
• High resolution 240 x 128 pixel with 4 levels of gray
• High intensity, fully dimmable LED backlighting for night use
• Rugged portable case for a full protection of the fishfinder 
• Real time echo display on right column
• Zoom function to magnify the sonar image
• Transducer with built-in temp sensor


Target depth reading above each fish symbol
• Memory that keeps all the settings even when the unit is switched off
• Controls: Sensitivity, Depth Range, Noise Filter, Zoom
• Multilingual menu system, with 16 memorized languages
• Full one-year warranty
Technical and casing
• Sensor cable length: 18” (45 cm)
• Portable case size: 10.3” x 5.9” x 3.85” (262 x 150 x 98 mm)
• Sonar unit size: 6” x 4.3” x 1.73” (153 x110 x 44 mm)
• Operational Temperature: 14°F ~ 122°F (-10°C ~ 50°C) 
• IPX7 level waterproof case design
• Control box Power Supply: 6~12V
• Perfectly sealed waterproof battery pack (uses 8 AA alkaline batteries not included)


* Typically, all fishfinders will read deeper in freshwater than in saltwater. The actual depth capability depends on:
1) Trasducer installation, 2) Plankton, 3) Salinity. In saltwater, air bubbles and zooplankton are the two most important factors affecting the performance, and change from day to day. Also decayed vegetation, that produces “muck” that can be up to 2 feet deep, affects the performance of all fishfinders.


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